Teaching and Learning Beliefs

We at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School recognise the importance of the whole community and particularly, the role of parents in the education of our children. As a school community, we hold the following beliefs:

For Our Children

  • We believe in fostering a nurturing environment in which each child feels special and grows in self esteem.
  • We believe and accept the values of each individual and create an environment in which people are respected and supported.
  • We believe that all children can learn and deserve equal access to a full education.
  • We believe that love of learning should be nurtured as a lifelong process.
  • We believe that critical thinking skills should be taught to enable children to resolve conflicts, make decisions, and identify and solve problems.
  • We believe in fostering resilience in our children.
  • We believe that at our school we should all appreciate differences and celebrate our diversity.
  • We believe in acknowledging and recognising different cultural backgrounds of our children and their family.

For Our Teachers

  • We believe we challenge our young people to live the ‘dream’ of Jesus and become prophets of their own existence.
  • We believe in providing a welcoming, supportive and nurturing environment, embracing Gospel beliefs and values.
  • We believe in being professional, organised and punctual.
  • We believe in sharing new beginnings and opportunities that lead to positive, constructive change and life-long learning.
  • We believe in facing challenges with confidence and solve problems in a positive manner.
  • We believe in sharing our faith, gifts and talents.
  • We believe in open and honest communication.
  • We believe we never underestimate the influence we have on the lives of the children.
  • We believe in having high expectations for our students.
  • We believe in a spirit of service invests whatever we do with excellence.
  • We believe in being adaptable and flexible.

For Our School Community

  • We believe as a Catholic family, we will share new beginnings and opportunities that lead to positive, constructive change and life-long learning, with Our Lady as our guide.
  • We believe in acting with Love.
  • Working together we nurture and support both staff and families to develop a sense of belonging.
  • We believe that community participation in our school should be encouraged.
  • We believe that mutual respect, trust, citizenship, and good communication with the community are vital.
  • We believe that when parents are involved in their children’s education, students, teachers and parents all benefit.
  • We believe in a willingness to help others.
  • We believe in using our gifts and talents to make a difference.
  • We believe all people are respected regardless of colour, gender and ability.