Mercy Sisters at Holy Name School

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Holy Name Convent School, Carlisle opened in February 1938 under the Sisters of Mercy with about 40 students. To encourage enrolments, the sisters would visit Catholic families in the area to encourage them to enrol their children. The response was encouraging, and the school population increased yearly. Piano lessons were given at recess and lunchtime, and after school to State School children. This tuition was an essential supplement to the school fees. Sister Enda and Sister Romuald travelled daily from the Victoria Park Convent to teach and administer at the school. These were bleak times. The world had just come out of a Great Depression followed by the uncertainty of a difficult war and post war years. Transport was a problem, with the sisters having a long journey by foot and bus to reach the school. On very wet days, the sisters were allowed the option of taking the tram.

At this date, the Parish was an adjunct of St Anne’s Belmont Parish. Several priests lived in the Parish during the years 1938 – 1952, but the two who gave most extended service were Father Ahern and Father Power. Father Ahern was the Parish Priest at Belmont and celebrated Sunday Mass each week at Carlisle and visited the school once a week. Father Power was appointed Parish Priest of Carlisle around 1950 and lived initially on the school premises.

Great tribute must be given to the early parishioners of Carlisle who built the Church and were determined to respond to their own faith development and to have their children advantaged by the principles of a Catholic faith combined with academic achievement.


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