Information for New Students

Notre Dame Catholic Primary School is a community of faith with Jesus as the model. Our mission is to proclaim and witness the Gospel in a Catholic environment. We aim to integrate these values into the entire curriculum and life of the school. Our school motto ‘Founded on Faith’ connects with our school community in the following ways:

  • Our Catholic faith traditions with Jesus Christ as the centre.
  • Mary, the ‘Mother of Christ’, and her unquestionable faith in God.
  • The faith foundations of the two Religious Orders that established each of the schools – The Presentation Sisters and the Mercy Sisters.
  • The strong faith displayed by the remarkable founders of each order; Nano Nagle and Catherine McAuley – two amazing women who were pioneers of Catholic education in Ireland.
  • The strong belief in the purpose of Catholic education and who it serves.
  • The faith of all those presently associated with the two school communities that have come together as one faith community at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School.
  • The faith of all those who have gone before us; parish priests, principals, staff, parents and students who have all contributed to build what the school community is today.

We recognise the unique contribution made by parents to the life of the school and to the learning of the children. At Notre Dame, staff, students and parents work together in a spirit of Christian cooperation in the task of enabling our children to reach their full potential. We believe that this common vision allows the best interests of the child to be served at all times.

The learning programme we offer at our school attempts to address the needs of all students and aims to provide the broadest range of educational experiences so that every child can enjoy achievement and success. Through this learning programme, the development of the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially is addressed.

At Notre Dame Catholic Primary School we celebrate the relationships that exist between all members of our school community and recognise the contribution made by all groups. The staff members at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School make every effort to keep abreast of educational developments and to integrate the best of the new with true educational values.